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From Larry Huff, NYSESA President:

In the coming week or so, you will receive notice to vote on an amendment to the ESA bylaws.

The change to the bylaws involves reducing the ESA voting Board of Directors from forty-five (45) to thirteen (13). Currently, each state charter chapter has a seat/voice/vote on the Board of Directors.  However, the proposed change will change this.  Instead there will be five (5) elected chapter council seats that will require interested candidates to be qualified and apply.  This will include a resume and a process which is to be determined.

The NYSESA Board of Directors and I feel that eliminating the state chapter seats on the ESA board could jeopardize state representation at the national level and the effect the checks and balances the seats provided in the past.

The NYSESA board and I have concluded that adoption of the new ESA board model could potentially do more harm then good. For that reason we are asking that you vote against the bylaw amendment by voting "NO".  

To be fair I think it is important to review both ESA's and NYSESA's position on this matter. Please visit the NYSESA website for position articles on the pending bylaw change. 

To further explain the NYSESA perspective on the proposed governance model please review the recently published NY Security SIgnal article -   What’s this I hear about Governance at ESA”.

Below is additional information provided by ESA explaining the Governance issue:

Proposed Governance Change Letter
Proposed Governance Model Document
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